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Date : 2017-09-05

Complaint Company Name : Unknown

Complaint Person Name: Unknown

Complaint Email:

Complaint Contact No : 000000000

Complaint Website:

Product / Service : Internet Top Up

Amount : 15.00

Type : Services

Description : I purchased a mobile top for my cellphone and internet USB dongle at Kotha Pind, Faisal Town, Lahore, Pakistan. For mobile phone it was success and I receive SMS, but he didn't topup my internet device. I came to know later at midnight when I try to use it there was no top up and no internet plan was activated.

Action Asked : I want to index this place for public so others can be careful, and on mobile device my top-up was successful on Ufone Network with Transaction ID : 0905235520117757, If there is a way to find out person from transaction details from Ufone. It will be helpful.

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