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Date : 2017-09-11

Complaint Company Name : unknow

Complaint Person Name: Mr.Mecry John

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Complaint Contact No : unknown

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Product / Service : nothing Spam

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Type : Others

Description : good day; customer, compliment of the day together with your family, this is to confirm the receipt of order from the federal minister administrator trust fund committee dated 11 / 9 / 2017. it is my great pleasure and honor to inform you that we received express mandate and instructions from MR.PRESIDENT, DR. PATIRCE TOLON (gift) federal republic of Benin together with the federal minister administrator trust fund committee to commence the immediate release of your funds through this medium of DHL deliver company for easy confirmation and you should be informed that through this medium of DHL deliver company Master Atm Card that you are entitled to be receiving $20,000 usd only per day until your total funds is completely deliver to you however; the management of this DHL deliver company wish's to inform you that your first installment withdrawn sum of ($20,000) has this morning but the payment has place on hold because you did not fulfilled our rules and regulation under foreign transaction, according to our foreign transaction strategy the transaction will cost you sum of $45.00usd for the signing and stamping fee of your payment file, please call me within this cell, +229 68513046 immediately ok 1) stamp fee $25.00 2) sign fee $20.00 3) total sum of $45usd only so my dear in your best interest, we hereby advised you to use below information and send the stamp and sign fee immediately through western union or money gram money transfer so that we can be able to release ATM CARD and you will drawn first payment $20,000 usd for you today below are the receiver details, Receiver name / Hugo Olisa text question / how long answer / today country / Benin Republic city / cotonou amount / $45.00 only be re-assured of this money gram integrity and personal integrity. thanks, i await your urgent respond, regards Mr.Mecry John manager foreign operation email= (

Action Asked : People to be warned about these type of Spam emails.

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